Community Perspectives


It is human nature that people are often uneasy about change, even when it moves in what most would consider a positive direction, such as supplying needed housing in an urban area. We acknowledge and respect that and commit ourselves to collaborating with the community to not only bring new benefits but to also minimize the impact of the changes.
As this housing project has evolved, we have received feedback from residents, City of Delta staff and Councillors. We have made and continue to make changes and wish to not only share these with the reader but to invite further constructive ideas to make these new homes the best they can be!

List of changes proposed:

  • Reduce number of units from 22 to 20– down to 33 units per hectare

  • Reduce height variance to 10.75m

  • Retain or relocate existing trees wherever possible

  • Tree replacement plan – 3 for 1 (versus the required 2 for 1)

  • Add an additional raised crosswalk across 16 Ave at 57 St.

  • Remove and relocate visitor parking stalls from the front landscape median

  • Increase the depth and height of the landscape buffer

  • Reduce the massing and building profile as noted in the drawings

  • Increase the view corridors by more than 50% - from 14’ to 22’

  • Shift rooftop balconies 3m to avoid visual

  • Reduce rooftop stairwell by 20%

  • Change rooftop stairwell location to reduce visibility from front

  • Reduce number of tandem garage units from 9 to 6

  • Traffic report has been submitted – reviewed by fire department – no concerns

  • Some units will be adaptable for elevator access

Concerns and feedback from the public have been summarized into the following categories. In each we report on the impact of the changes as well as the steps we have taken to mitigate the issues.

Community Impact

  • Location

    • Artery/collector street suggests higher density
    • Essentially part of an expanded town centre

  • Visual effect reduced by Click for Visual

    • Deep setback to buildings of 12.75m, or 40’ (5m minimum required)
    • Thick vegetive screening reduces visual impact

  • Value – new upscale housing is expected to enhance the value of surrounding properties

  • Form – why townhouses?

    • Addresses housing stock needs of the ‘missing middle’
    • Preferable to more land heavy single-family dwelling units

  • Alternate use

    • Small percentage (1.3%) of golf lands preserves the remainder as perpetual green space
    • Most suitable Golf Club location – after careful review

  • Disruption

    • Temporary – construction period is limited
    • Protection by bylaws for active construction periods

Services - Infrastructure

  • Developer will contribute financially

  • Consistent with proposed 16 Ave road improvements

  • Fire accessibility – has been vetted by DFD

  • Engineering infrastructure

    • Project will pay into and enhance ultimate systems
    • Upgrades to street plus sanitary and storm sewer systems

  • Schools

    • Close proximity and access
    • Expected demographics indicate minimal impact on enrollment

Trees – green space

  • Policy is directed by arborist’s recommendations

  • Replacement program ensures net positive on tree canopy

  • Trees will be replaced, 3 for each one removed (only 2 for 1 is required)

  • Move keynote trees to street buffer

  • Potential danger from existing decrepit trees on new walk/cycle routes

Form and character

  • Contemporary – fits with many current new builds in Beach Grove

  • Siting - Set well back (40’ as opposed to the required 16.4’) from the street to minimize visual impact

  • Density – well below allowable RT40 standards

  • Quality – materials & application will be superior to others in existing area

  • Elevator accessibility optional

Traffic – Moving in the Community

  • Traffic study undertaken

  • Link to Metro roadways does not pass through main town area

  • Ease of commuting with transit

  • Good walkability

  • Cycle proximity to Tsawwassen and other routes in South Delta

  • Traffic calming – raised crosswalk

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